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Friday, 11 May 2012


releasing a heavy sigh while i'm trying to live without you in my life , without you being a part of me , without you cheering my day , without you who always smile for me when i having hard time . it's hard for me to say I LOVE YOU because i know when i said that i need to prepare myself to be hurt wheter by my stupidness or yourself . but when i'm with you i know that i will be stronger than before . because of you WITH me , i know that i still and will stand in this relationship with you . but now you are no longer with me . you having your new life with someone new that you have found . easy for you to forget me .... but me ... it's really hard . it's hard to say i'm okay while make a fake smile for you to show that i'm really ok . maybe there's someone else that better than you made for me and waited for me ... but i still need you .... my heart need you .... my heart need to be 'repair' ... it's really hurt ... though you can't see i'm crying .... but my heart doing that stupid thing right now .... because of you leaving me .... i'm always told myself , be strong though you are actually my strength :'( be strong . be strong . be strong .  be strong . be strong . i hope you happy with her . though i'm always hope that 'her' is me .... it's only a hope ... don't make her cry because of you like you do to me ... it's really hurt ... i'm always see the close door and always asking why all this happen until i not realise that another door already open for me ...... already wait for me .

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